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Stain to Match Services

Step 1: Read About Our Stain-to-Match (STM) Services

It is not uncommon that customers desire our furniture products to be able to complement existing site furniture or unique interior design requirements. It is possible for us to ensure this before production by testing to match your existing natural wood finish with a sample from us. The stain-to-match service (STM) service is straightforward, requiring a sample of your finish (or specifications).

As the STM process involves natural wood veneer, there are some things to remember.


Color Variations in Grain Structure for Wood Species

Variations in the size and amount of grain in natural veneers are always present. Nevers cannot absolutely guarantee identical hard and soft sapwood features in the grain. This is an inherent natural characteristic caused by the annual climate-based growth rings found in all hardwoods and in the way boards and veneers are cut across growth rings. In some species, this color variation is very subtle. In other species this color variation is obvious, unique, and at times radically different from what Nevers can supply.

The process of finishing hardwood veneers determines whether these variations are enhanced or subdued. Natural finishes will show color variations in the grain and enhance the beauty of the wood to its fullest extent. Other stains and finishes tend to blend in these variations to some extent dependent upon the depth of color and the method of application. Please tell us whether you are most concerned with matching the average color or specific features of your sample.


Man-Made versus Nature-Made

Nevers can try to emulate the look of many wood-styled laminates. But as laminates are artistic representations of a simulate wood look, we may not be able to precisely reproduce artificial sapwood features in laminate. We recommend you send us a sample of the laminate you wish to emulate well in advance of production on your Nevers product. This will allow us more time to test stain formulas or wood species to match your intention.

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Step 2. Submit Your STM Information

Once we have your information, we’ll provide you with a unique code. You can use this code to track the progress of your STM process order down below on this page! After we receive your sample material(s), we will review and then create and send a sample match to you.

Starting the STM Sample Process

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Step 3. Tracking Your Order

Once your order is accepted, a sample to match is provided by you, and we’ve assigned a project code your STM sample, it will go into production. The STM process is a custom service, but it should only take a few days. At that point, we will ship you the results to inspect. If you’d like, you can always request a status report from us by clicking the button below.

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