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Specialized Finish Services

SPF Process


An SPF project typically takes one to two weeks to complete from the date of receipt of your sample guide (dependent on available materials). When we receive your sample we will review it with our production staff and advise you on any concerns.


We will need a flat sample piece from you to be shipped to us. The size of your sample should be at least 3” x 3” for a good comparison. A larger sample is even better. We will assess the compatibility of the material you provided and advise you of any concerns. Some materials are much more compatible than others.

Sample materials are graded on their Compatibility for SPF projects:

BEST: A wood veneer sample to match Nevers’ current standard species of oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany, or maple has the highest compatibility.

FAIR: Exotic wood species, laminates, reconstituted wood, and other wood-like materials may affect material costs as our standard species may not apply and there may be material sourcing logistics.

CHALLENGING: Pantone colors, wall covering paint samples, complex laminates, and other materials with textures or incompatible natural wood coloration needs may also incur further charges.

NEVERS SPECIALIZED FINISH EXPECTATIONS: Nevers will attempt to provide a customized finish to fit your needs on the very first try. We take that to mean what we provide will be within a range of one or two shades of near duplication.

It’s important you recognize that creating specialized finishes is both an art and a science. For more complex finish projects, we may need to make an initial try based on the information provided, and a further, more precise, attempt. This may be due to the wide variability of natural wood veneers or how compatible the sample we are comparing may be.

We look forward to working with you on your SPF project!

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Submit Your SPF Information to Start

Once we have your information, we’ll provide you with a code. You can use this code to track the progress of your SPF process. After we receive your sample material(s), we will review and then create a sample to send to you.

Starting the SPF Sample Process

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Step 3. Tracking Your Order

Once your order is accepted, a sample to match is provided by you, and we’ve assigned a project code your SPF sample, it will go into production. The SPF process is a custom service, but it should only take a few days. At that point, we will ship you the results to inspect. If you’d like, you can always request a status report from us by clicking the button below.

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