Specialized Finish Services (Formerly STM)

Nevers’ Specialized Finish (SPF) Process Overview

You can begin a specialized finish project using the form to the right. Know that you can always contact one of our Territory Sales Specialists if you’d like to be personally guided through the whole SPF process.


  • First, fill out the SPF project form to the right.
  • Specialized Finish projects are based on the standard Nevers natural wood species listed. Please indicate if you wish to use a different species or veneer slice (if upcharges apply or lead times would be affected, we will notify you).
  • Tell us what type of comparison sample you will provide and from whom we should expect shipment.
  • Nevers will contact you to acknowledge receipt and confirm who will be approving the SPF sample we will provide.


  • Send us your sample to compare (see below for the compatibility of sample types).
  • We will evaluate it against our standard species and advise you of any challenges.
  • Your sample is sent to our finishing department for production. SPF samples are typically completed within a week or so.


  • Nevers will send you our SPF sample and an SPF approval form. If all looks well, simply sign and return the form by mail or email (samples@nevers.com). Know that a clear cell phone image of the approval form is acceptable.
  • You may keep the sample we send. We have a copy on file. We can return the sample you provided if you wish.
  • Nevers will retain your specific SPF project’s “recipe” for future use.
  • Once approved, our engineering and production staff will be advised and ready to apply this finish to your Nevers project information.

NOTE: If your sample is not similar or compatible enough to our standard wood veneer species (such as exotics, laminates, wall paint, etc.) we may have to levy an up-charge to deliver your specialized finish. We will inform you of any up-charges before we begin your project.

Specialized Finish Service Rates

Custom Finish Color only” Sample basis Standard Nevers Veneers and Standard Finish (20-degree satin, open pore)

  • $300 (net) Pre-Contract
  • Lead Time 5 – 7 business days

Selecting a Sample to Send for a Specialized Finish

SPF Project Form

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Standard Wood Species to Be Used for Your Specialized Finish

Please Select Your Veneer Cut

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Thanks! Once you’ve completed the form, please send your sample for us to match.

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Thanks! We look forward to working with you!

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