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GSA, State, & TIPS Contracts

Nevers provides tables, media walls, podiums, auditorium seating, and other furniture products for the US federal government, US armed forces, and state, county and local entities. We are proud to offer durable, beautiful solutions that provide maximum long-term value with style for the public sector.

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General Service Administration | Federal Supply Service
Discount: 56.2% Off Published List Pricing
FSC Group 71 | FSC Class 7110
Office Furniture
Contract Numbers: GS-27F-008DA, GS-27F-007DA List SIN 711-20 Only

National GSA Sales Manager: Patrick Carr – North American Marketing, Inc.

Phone: 410-721-8803

E-mail: patrick@namarketinginc.com

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)
Contract No. 210305 | Expires May-31-2026
Discount: 45% Off Published List Pricing

TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative offering access to competitively priced purchasing contracts to its membership. TIPS leverages purchasing power and streamlines the bid process within its 4,800 national membership. TIPS member entities include:

  • Educational Institutions: School Districts / Charter Schools / Colleges & Universities / Private Schools
  • Cities / Municipalities / State Agencies / Counties / Parishes
  • Churches / Charitable Organizations / Non-Profits
  • Emergency Services Districts
  • Entities with legislated purchasing / bidding requirements


TIPS Membership Benefits (PDF)
How to Become a TIPS Member (PDF)


Nevers TIPS Contract and Terms (PDF)

For questions or other information regarding Nevers’ TIPS contract, please email  Jean Barry, Nevers Industries



State of Alabama
Contract No. MA 999 1700000154  (Expires 2/28/2022)
T Number: MA T390 Furniture
Line 00254 Commodity Code 425-00-069643
Dock Delivery Discount is 50% Off Published List Pricing
Inside Delivery Discount is 45% Off Published List Pricing
Delivered and Installed Discount is 40% Off Published List Pricing

University of Alabama System
Contract No. T054514
Delivered and Installed Discount is 43% Off Published List Pricing

State of New Jersey
Contract No. A81634
T Number: G2004
Effective Dates: 7/30/2017 to 4/30/2022
Spotted State Discount is 43% Off GSA Advantage Price List
Platform State Discount is 51.5% Off GSA Advantage Price List

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