The Staende collection of community and console meeting tables offers elegance and architectural styling. Longer spans and longer tables along with concealed casters give this collection a desirable advantage. Conventional wood veneer and high pressure laminates along with glass and Corian are standard with the Staende collection. This comprehensive collection offers lengths of 60” – 240”, depths of 24” – 48”, and three heights 30”, 36” 42”.


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  • Rectangle
  • Arc Rectangle
  • Boat
  • Arc Boat
  • Racetrack
  • Viewpoint


  • Widths: 48”, 54” and 60”
  • Lengths: 96” to 360”
  • Height: 29”

Top Construction:

  • 1-3/16” Veneer top with solid wood edge
  • 1-3/16” Laminate inset top with solid wood edge
  • 1-3/16” Laminate top with laminate self edge or PVC edge


  • Veneer/Laminate Panel bases
  • Veneer/Laminate Rectangle bases
  • Veneer/Laminate Drum bases
  • Veneer/Laminate Riser Rectangle bases
  • Veneer/Laminate Combination Half Drum/Rectangle bases
  • Veneer/Laminate Combination Panel/Rectangle bases
  • Metal single column T-base
  • Metal double column T-base



TOP ON LAST: Meeting Link technology center doors come pre-installed from the factory. This allows all of the power and technology to be installed prior to the table top being attached. The table top is placed on the base system after the technology integration is complete. This prevents damage to the table top attributable to third party contractors.


THE ACCESS DOOR: When ordered with Nevers power, all wood bases receive an access door. All wood bases have cutouts in the bottom to accommodate floor core monuments and offer a spacious open cavity for cable routing and storage.


9 inch high support beams of wood bases (drum bases excluded) conceal jumpers, wires and cords running from bases to base. Beams are open on the underside to allow ease of maintenance and future changes.


Metal Bases ship with a snap-on wire chase when ordered with Power/Communication option.


Power Voice and Data: Nevers offers pre-configured Meeting Link™ solutions for all tables. This is an easy, trouble free method to specify power, data, voice and AV connections. Nevers proprietary technology centers use modular power connectors, are daisy chainable and are daisy chainable and are ideal for all installations where multiple electrical outlets connect to a single power infeed. They are available in single or multiple circuits.


Laminate Inset with solid wood edge is available on any Americana Conference table at no additional charge.


Table top option – Starburst ends with ebony inlay. A starburst sketch face top is made up of 6 or more leaves of veneer or spliced faces of veneer, matched and trimmed into “pie-shape” pieces. Each piece or section is cut at the appropriate angle so the wood grain radiates from a center point. Veneer leaves are book or slip matched, depending on species and assembled to form a “flower type pattern”, resembling a starburst.


Table top option – ebony inlay: 1/8” x 1/8” pieces of solid ebony are inset into grooves that are hand routed into the table top. The ebony is sanded down and finished flush with the veneer face. The ebony inlay is four inches from the outer edge creating a border or framing effect.


4 inch panel


10 inch rectangle


Americana drum


Riser Rectangle Base


Americana Combination half drum


Comination Panel


Metal Double T-Base



Metal T-Base


Table Base Option – Metal inlay. Vertical pieces of solid aluminum metal are inset into grooves that are hand routed into the base.


Table Base Option – Plinth base. A 1-1/8” high plinth base is inset ¼” around the perimeter of the base. The plinth is available in any colorcoat finish.


Table Base Option – Plate base. A 1-1/8” high plinth base extends 1-1/8” from the base. The top sides of the plate are rounded. The plate is available in any colorcoat finish.


Table Base Option – Traditional base molding. 4” high x ¾” thick pieces of solid wood traditional molding is applied to the bottom of the base giving it a formal appearance.

2D/3D CAD Drawings