Wilsonart Standard Laminate Designs

There is an astronomical number possible of beautiful HPL laminates to spec for a furniture project. They are offered in endless varieties of textures and hues. Nevers can work with almost any laminate provider. With so much choice, it can be an almost impossible task to decide which is the right design. To help simplify your design selections and to provide a source for curated idea generation, that’s why Nevers has chosen Wilsonart as our primary vendor to supply HPL laminates. It’s no wonder. Wilsonart stands out as the premier company for style, variety, and service.

The pricing in our product price lists is based on standard Wilsonart products. Below is a gallery of over 160 standard of their designs with a -38 and/or -60 finishes. Nevers can also work with Wilsonart premium and custom designs on a quotation basis. But what is shown below should help you focus on the particular style you’re interested in.

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The above designs were available as of 08-30-2021. This guide should be referenced only for general selection. Laminate designs and specifications may change at any time without notice. Nevers will make adjustments to designs displayed as we become aware of them. Please contact your Nevers rep or call Nevers directly for the most current information.

Nevers product price lists may show a single price for laminate finishes. Published pricing for laminates is possible with designs that meet the following qualifications:

A. Standard Wilsonart finish selections of either -38 or -60
B.) Minimun sheet orders for your project do not exceed your Nevers product yield requirements
C.) Must be available without factory out of stock order charges
D.) Nevers assumes that you will usePVC edges on tabletops, some laminate designs have a corresponding edgeband match, please consult us if you are interested in matching banding.

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