Adaptable. Transformational. Unique.

Eventi Articulating tables effortlessly transform from solid tables to wide-open presentation tables, to multimedia viewing platforms. One end of the table remains fixed, while the side extensions, or wings, glide outward into the extended position. The articulating table offers the ultimate flexibility to become a conference table, a presentation table, and a boardroom table all in one!

This executive-type conference table’s exclusive segmented tabletop design allows combinations of wood, metal, glass, and stone. The plateau is a secondary part of the edge detail, and because it is finished in a color coat, adds a design element on its own. Bases available are open and airy leg bases or wood panel bases. Equipped to handle today’s technology needs for power/voice/data and audiovisual.

Eventi Dué Tables

All the basic design elements that define Eventi have been carried into the Dué Tables- but with standard (non-segmented) table tops and the plateau edge as an optional design detail. Dué tables transform from the solid table to the open presentation table, to multimedia viewing. One end of the table is fixed, while the side extensions, or wings, easily roll outward into the extended position.

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Roberto Danesi

Roberto Danesi was born in Bolzano, Italy in 1949. He completed his art and architectural studies at the Venice IUAV University. His researches have always been focused, since his apprenticeship years, on office designing. He started his profession in 1980 as a product designer, art director, graphic designer and company advisor for both Italian and foreign office firms, including Nevers Industries. Mr.Danesi has worked in many other fields, such as residential furniture, contract furniture, packaging, graphic and fabric design. Lately his activity has expanded in interior and architectural design.

Eventi Table Shapes

TAH Ellipse Boat Table (3.9)TAN Round Boat Table (3.2MB)
TAP Boat-Boat Table (3.3MB)TGD Diamond Table (5.4MB)
TGT Triangle Table (2.4MB) TGU U-Shape Table (2.5MB)
TPA Fixed Arc-V Table (7.6MB) TPU Fixed U-Shape Table (5MB)













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