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Freight Damage & Warranty Claim Form

All claims must be submited to Nevers Industries within 5 business days from the date of delivery. Pictures of damaged goods and original cartons are required and must accompany your claim. Failure to include these items will cause delay or denial of your claim.

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Claim and Warranty Information

Shipment Claims

Legal title of merchandise passes to the buyer upon acceptance by the carrier. The buyer must inspect all cartons on arrival for visible or concealed damage. In the event of visible freight damage, the buyer must make a notation on the freight bill; immediately notify Nevers Industries for an inspection; and file a freight claim. Do not sign the receipt until the visual inspection is complete at the time of delivery. If concealed damage is discovered, Nevers Industries must be notified within 5 days. Keep all packaging materials for inspection (do not destroy). Failure to do so may impair or cancel the ability to make a successful claim. Do not install damaged product. Caution: When a clear receipt is obtained by a carrier, the carrier is no longer responsible for damages or shortages. Damaged freight cannot be refused by the consignee (buyer). Processing claims for damages and shortages are the responsibility of Nevers Industries. At no time can claims be deducted from our invoices.


All Nevers Industries products are made to order. Therefore, merchandise may not be returned without specific consent from Nevers Industries. Unauthorized returns will be refused by the shipping department.


Nevers Industries, Maple Grove, MN warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of shipment to the customer.

Our warranty covers Nevers Industries’ products used in non-residential locations and assumes typical single-shift workday use with nominal care by the end-customer. Our warranty only applies to new products sold through Nevers Industries’ authorized extended sales distribution network in North America. Our warranty is non-transferable from the original purchasing entity or individual owner.
Product options supported installed features, and any other ancillary systems and parts, whether provided by Nevers Industries or supplied by the customer, carry their own manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranties. These items may include, but are not limited to, natural and engineered stone tops and inlays, metal bases, height-adjustment systems, decorative signage, glass tops or transaction accents, electrical power systems, and/or lighting systems.

In the event of making a warranty claim, it is up to the customer to notify Nevers Industries as soon as possible. Nevers Industries reserves the right to examine the warranty claim and provide an appropriate response. Nevers Industries will then, as our sole obligation, either repair or replace parts, materials, components or other directly associated systems provided by Nevers Industries and any other approved incurred expenses due to the warranty issue. In the case of irreplaceable custom materials, unique processes or vendor-supplied components no longer supported, we will provide alternate, yet equal, solutions.

Any structural modification, dismantling and reinstalling, or improper use or storage of our products may void the warranty. Similarly, failure to control the expressed limits of temperature, humidity, or ambient lighting exposure throughout the life of Nevers Industries products may influence any potential indemnity and/or void our warranty. Additionally, our warranty does not cover: damage during shipping caused by a freight carrier; uncontrollable natural variances in wood grain or texture, finish hue or color; and damage from excessive wear (such as, but not limited to, singular or repetitive scratching or denting from jewelry, writing instruments or other such hard objects), misuse, negligence or modification on the part of the customer.

Nevers Industries herein extends no other warranties, expressed, depicted, or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Nevers Industries shall not be liable for loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, incidental or consequential damages. No warranties other than those contained herein will be implied and Nevers Industries, Inc. does not authorize any person to create any warranties other than those contained herein.

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