General Specifications

Updated 08-17-2023

Wood Veneers

Nevers® products are manufactured primarily of Plain Sliced Mahogany, Walnut, White Oak, Cherry, Ash, and Maple. Other woods may be specified. Please contact Nevers Industries for price and availability. Veneer panels are laid up with plain sliced faces and are balanced on the back to minimize warping and balance stresses.

Wood Surface Cleaning

Wood furniture should be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth, wiping in the direction of the wood grain. The wood surface should then be dried with a dry, soft cloth. Monthly, wood surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth using a quality wood cleaner. Following cleaners’ directions, slightly dampen a soft cloth and wipe in direction of the wood grain. Dry the wood surface with a dry, soft cloth. Ammonia or any type of oil should be avoided.

Standard Wood Finishes

Nevers’ veneer standard finishes are multi-step process involving dyes, stain, sealer, toner, and lacquer. For added protection and durability, the final topcoat on all tabletops is catalyzed lacquer. All finishes have been formulated for maximum clarity to enhance the natural characteristics of each wood species. The standard finish is open pore. Semi-filled and filled finishes require an upcharge and may extend the lead time. Please contact Nevers Industries for the price and delivery date.


Specialized Veneer Finishes and Laminate Finishes

Virtually any wood finish or color sample can be matched to your specifications. A finish sample or stain sample is required from the customer before the process of matching approval can begin. The upcharge for custom finishes varies with the type of finish and with the quantity ordered.

Specialized Finish Service Rates

“Custom Finish Color only” Sample basis Standard Nevers Veneers and Standard Finish (20-degree satin, open pore)

  • $300 (net) Pre-Contract
  • Lead Time 5 – 7 business days

Costs are applicable per # of samples requested. Costs are based on ground shipping only from Nevers Industries. Customers may opt for faster shipping at their own cost.


This is an inherent characteristic caused by the annual growth rings found in all hardwoods and the way the boards and veneers are cut across these growth rings. In some species, this color variation is very subtle. In other species, this color variation is obvious and at times radical.

The process of finishing hardwood veneers determines whether these variations are enhanced or subdued. Natural finishes will show color variations in the grain and enhance the beauty of the wood to its fullest extent. Other stains and finishes tend to blend in these variations to some extent dependent upon the depth of color and the method of application.

Standard Laminates*

Standard, non-premium Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, and Pionite Laminates

Custom Laminates*

Any commercially available laminate from major industry suppliers may be specified. These will require separate estimation for upcharges and availability. Most custom laminate orders will extend the project lead time for delivery.

*NOTE: Acceptable laminate selections in all cases are subject to unforeseen price adjustments and may cause project lead time variances. Factory availability, non-factory inventoried special pricing or minimum orders on laminates will need to be priced separately.



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