staff gerald evenstad

Gerald Evenstad, Founder (1948-2015)

We acknowledge our Founder, Gerald Evenstad, with great memories of a man who started Nevers in 1976 because of his love of woodworking. Named after the Nevers Oak tree from France, Gerry grew Nevers Oak into a nationally-recognized meeting room furniture company which became Nevers Industries.

Gerry loved life. He was gracious to everyone he met. He was an avid reader, enjoyed rounds of golf and was quick to laugh. He was passionate about Nevers and the employees. He highly respected his team and was deeply proud of their talents. He took great gratification in building elegant and finely crafted furniture for customers.

Gerry served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971 which was an enormous source of personal pride in his life. He was honored that his company was commissioned to build furniture for the U.S. Military, the Pentagon and the White House.

Nevers Industries continues today, but Gerry’s presence and cheerfulness will be missed.