What is the typical LEAD TIME on STANDARD PRODUCTS?


What is the typical LEAD TIME on CUSTOM PRODUCTS?


What are the Nevers FREIGHT TERMS?

Freight is included on orders over $2,000 Net. All orders UNDER $2,000 NET are subject to a minimum order/additional freight charge of $200 NET.


No, currently we do not charge a fuel surcharge fee.

Is there an upcharge for a CUSTOM FINISH?

Any order UNDER $5000 LIST will be subject to a $270 NET upcharge.

What is the process for a CUSTOM FINISH?

A finish sample or stain sample typically takes about 3 to 5 days to prepare. A Finish Sample (Control Sample) is required from the customer before the process of matching approval can begin. A custom matched stain sample will be provided. If the color match meets approval, the approval form needs to be signed, dated and returned to Nevers.


Any Wilsonart® laminates ending with finish codes (-60) or (-38) are standard. Most Wilsonart® laminates are available in multiple finishes. To find out if the laminate selected is available in finish codes (-60) or (-38) please contact customer service.


Any commercially available laminate may be specified. Non standard laminate is subject to a minimum upcharge of $270 NET per order per color. Call Customer Service to confirm pricing.

How does the AMERICANA QUICK SHIP program work?

The Americana Quick Ship Price book offers an extensive collection of products available to ship in 20 business days. After the receipt of a clean and credit accepted order, the product will be scheduled to ship. The orders must be marked as Americana Quick Ship and contain only those products and options that are available on the program.

What is Nevers WARRANTY?

Nevers Industries, Inc. warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and reasonable use and service for a period of ten years from the date of shipment to customer. Proprietary supporting products, which are manufactured by others and sold by Nevers Industries, Inc. carry the original manufacturer’s warranty. The decision of defects in workmanship or materials or the decision of misuse or abuse remains with Nevers Industries, Inc. No warranties other than those contained herein will be implied and Nevers Industries, Inc. does not authorize any person to create any warranties other than those contained herein.

Is Nevers on GSA?

Yes, Nevers GSA Contract Number is GS-27F007DA and GS-27F008DA.